2019 Firefox 公益路跑(2019 Firefox Charity Run) - 線上報名
(Event Name):
 2019 Firefox 公益路跑(2019 Firefox Charity Run)
(Event Date):
(Registration date):
 2019-08-07 12:00:00 ~ 2019-10-18 23:59:59
(Number of registration caps):
21K 報名費
(Registration fee):
NT $800 元 報名限制人數
(Registration limit):
限額 500人
紀念衫(Souvenir T-shirt for completion)、紀念獎牌(Medal for completion)
紀念環保餐具(Custom-made eco-friendly dining utensils)、紀念環保水壺(Custom-made foldable water bag)
紀念毛巾(Souvenir towel for completion)

10K 報名費
(Registration fee):
NT $600 元 報名限制人數
(Registration limit):
限額 700人
紀念衫(Souvenir T-shirt for completion)、紀念獎牌(Medal for completion)
紀念環保餐具(Custom-made eco-friendly dining utensils)
紀念毛巾(Souvenir towel for completion)

3K 報名費
(Registration fee):
NT $400 元 報名限制人數
(Registration limit):
1,750 人
紀念衫(Souvenir T-shirt for completion)、紀念獎牌(Medal for completion)
紀念環保水壺(Custom-made foldable water bag)
紀念毛巾(Souvenir towel for completion)

(Important Information):
-- 注意事項(Important Information) --
  • 參賽者須將號碼布別於胸前,以利工作人員識別,無號碼布者視同陪跑,工作人員有權請其離開賽道。
    Participants must wear the race bib in front of their chests so they can be identified by personnel. Any participant not wearing the race bib will be deemed as accompanying others and personnel will have the right to ask the participant to leave the track.
  • 考慮參賽者安全及現場交通狀況,請參賽者於主辦單位規定時間內準時出發。
    With consideration to the safety of participants and the traffic situation at the site, participants should start the race within the time specified by the organizers.
  • 報名手續完成者,不得以任何理由要求更換人名亦不得因無法參賽轉讓報名資格。如有需要更改參賽項目,則在其它組別仍有名額的情況下,先進行退費手續後再重新報名。
    The name may not be changed and the registration qualifications may not be transferred for any reason after registration procedures are completed. If you need to switch to another race category that has not reached the registration limit, please complete refund procedures first and then carry out registration procedures again.
  • 本賽事晶片計時與競賽敘獎僅限 21KM半馬組,請詳讀以下競賽規定與注意事項:
    The timing chips and awards in this race event are limited to the 21 km race category only. Please carefully read the following race rules and notices:
    1. 賽前收到物資與相關資料,請務必核對參賽人員、「選手資料」及「晶片」上選手編號等資料是否吻合,以免權益受損。晶片使用方式於電子式賽前指南中有清楚的圖說。
    Upon receiving the supplies and related materials, please verify if the participant, "runner information", and runner number on the "timing chip" match to protect your rights and interests. The electronic race manual provides a clear illustrated description of how to use the timing chip.
    2. 依據國際田徑規則165.24條規定,大會將依據鳴槍開跑時間開始計時,並以此記錄做為選手名次成績統計之判定及奬勵。
    According to Article 165.24 of the IAAF Competition Rules, timing will begin when the starter's gun is fired, and the record will be used as the basis for rankings and awards.
    3. 晶片為計時之依據,請確實通過各感應點,沒有按照大會規定使用晶片導致無成績者,大會一概不負責,並禁止互換晶片、禁止佩帶他人晶片、禁止1人佩帶2個以上晶片,違者將被取消資格,成績不予計算。
    The chip is the basis for timing. Please properly pass through each transponder. The organizer is not responsible if a participant does not have a result due to not using the chip according to rules. Exchanging chips, wearing the chip of others, or wearing 2 or more chips is prohibited. Violators will be disqualified and their results will not be counted.
    4. 請服從裁判人員及警察之指示進行比賽,並須準時出發,若未依規定時間內出發者,大會有權禁止其出發及不予計算成績。
    Please comply with the instructions of referees and police during the race and start the race on time. If you do not start the race within the specified time, the organizer has the right to stop you from running the race and your results will not be counted.
    5. 完賽後請憑「號碼布」至成績證明領取處領取證明,會後不予補發。
    After completing the race, please pick up your certificate at the results certificate pick-up station using your race bib. The certificate will not be reissued after the event has concluded.
    6. 選手若未於規定之關門時間通過,將沒收晶片或號碼布且認定沒有完賽,沿途補給服務也不再提供。
    If a runner does not complete the race before closing time, their chip or race bib will be confiscated and their result will be incomplete. Supply services along the route will no longer be provided as well.
    7. 主辦單位有權公告每位完賽跑者的大會成績及晶片成績。成績查詢方式將公布於賽事網頁FB活動頁面,請密切鎖定各項公告。
    The organizer has the right to announce the event result and chip time of every runner that completes the race. The result inquiry method will be announced on the event website and Facebook event page. Please closely follow the website and fan page for any announcements.
    8. 大會嚴禁任何轉讓或出售參賽名額行為,若經發現參賽者有上述意圖,則將立即取消相關人士之參賽資格並不予退費、參賽者不得異議。
    Transfer or sale of a spot in the race event is strictly prohibited. If a participant is found with the abovementioned intention, then the persons involved will be disqualified and the registration fee will not be refunded and the participant shall have no objection.
  • 健康及安全 Health and safety
    1. 報名時請務必勾選健康聲明,團體報名時負責連絡人務必保證所有參加跑友健康體能狀況均為良好。
    Please check the health statement during registration. For group registration, the contact person must verify that all participants are in good health and physical condition.
    2. 參賽者如於活動過程中感到身體不適,請立即停止路跑,以自身安全為重。主辦單位、裁判或醫師將有權視跑者身體狀況中止跑者繼續參與活動。
    If you feel any discomfort during the event, please immediately stop running. Your safety comes first. The organizer, referees, or physicians have the right to stop runners from continuing the event based on their physical conditions.
    3. 參賽者請遵循主辦單位規範的活動路線、交管措施及時間等安排,若因未遵守而發生安全問題需自行負責。
    Please follow the route, traffic control measures, and schedule arranged by the organizer. You will be responsible for any safety issues that occur due to failure to comply with these arrangements.
    4. 參加者需保證個人身體健康確實符合活動參加資格,競賽中若因身體不適發生任何意外,願意自行負責與主辨單位無關,並願合作遵守活動規定參加比賽。
    You must ensure that your physical health condition qualifies for this event, and are willing to take responsibility for any accidents during the race event resulting from physical discomfort. The organizer is not responsible. You must be willing to comply with the rules of this race event.
    5. 本項活動已投保(一)每人體傷責任新臺幣三百萬元。(二)每一意外事故體傷責任新臺幣一千五百萬元。(三)每一意外事故財物損失責任新臺幣二百萬元。(四)保險期間最高賠償金額新臺幣三千四百萬元。保險範圍限因參加本次活動產生意外事故,導致身體受傷之理賠,詳細內容請以保險單條款為準。
    Insurance coverage for this event includes (1) Liability insurance for physical injury in the amount of NT$3 million per person. (2) Liability insurance for physical injury in the amount of NT$15 million per accident. (3) Liability insurance for asset damages in the amount of NT$2 million per accident. (4) The maximum claim amount during the insured period is NT$34 million. The scope of coverage is limited to physical injuries caused by accidents from participating in this event. Please see the insurance policy for details.
    6. 參賽者可於報名時加購個人旅遊平安保險,理賠標準為意外事故或殘廢保險金100萬元及傷害醫療保險金實支實付型最高2萬元,詳細內容請以保險單條款為準,由承辦方統一辦理。
    Participants may also purchase travel insurance during registration. Insured persons may claim NT$1 million for an accident or disability, and up to NT$20,000 in medical benefits based on actual expenses. Please see the insurance policy for details. Insurance will be handled by the organizer.
    7. 未滿18歲之參賽者,需檢附家長同意切結書。填寫後寄E-mail至樂活信箱service@tclohas.net.tw
    Participants of the 21 km/10 km race events must be at least 12 years old; participants under the age of 7 are recommended to enter the 3 km joy division。
  • 其他 Other
    1. 如需委託主辦單位保管衣物,請參賽者自備背包,交給活動現場衣物保管組,領取衣物保管號碼牌。貴重物品請勿放入,遺失主辦單位概不負責。(衣物保管時間為06:00 am ~11:00 am)
    If you need clothing storage service from the organizer, please prepare a backpack and hand it over to the clothing storage section, and then take a clothing storage number plate. Please do not store valuable objects. The organizer is not responsible for any lost objects. (Clothing storage hours are 6:00-11:00 A.M.)
    2. 本活動如有任何變更或補充事項,將隨時公布於FB活動頁面報名網頁為主,敬請密切關注各項公告!若有任何活動相關問題歡迎與官方 Line@ 私訊詢問。
    Please follow the Facebook event page and registration website of this event for announcements on any changes or additional matters in this event! If you have any questions about the event, please send a private message to the official Line account.
兩人以上, 三五好友或家人一起報名者, 即可點選 "團體報名"!