2017MOSSO&TEKTRO盃國際單車雙塔24H極限挑戰賽 - 2017 MOSSO&TEKTRO
2017 MOSSO & TEKTRO 24-Hour Twin Tower Bike Challenge
Activity Purposes:
  We are setting a new record in Taiwan Biking history! This is the very second time for Taiwan to hold a 24-hour, 520km bike challenge across the twin towers of Taiwan. The country is called the kingdom of bicycle production. Therefore, the biking communities ought to be united to hold a vigorous race of international fame, to make our motherland proud! Let’s pool the efforts of everyone, promoting international sports communications, inviting contestants across the world, to boost the tourism economy, to strengthen local competitors’ athletic abilities, and to cultivate sportsmanship, keep on advancing ourselves relentlessly and bravely.
Title Sponsors:TEKTRO Technology Corporation, Woei Fong Machinery Works Company Limited
Organizer: Taiwan Endurance Bike Association
Race Date: from Saturday 10 a.m. Dec. 31st to Sunday 10 a.m. Jan 1st
Race Location:Starting Point: Fugueijiao Lighthouse, New Taipei County; Finishing Point: Eluanbi Lighthouse, Pingtung County.
Race Itinerary:

Starting at 10 a.m. on Dec. 31st from the Fugueijiao Lighthouse of New Taipei County

●1st Stop: Longfeng fish Harbor at Zhunan, Miaoli County (2 p.m.)
*first point-earning stop: Chihtuci
●2nd Stop: MOSSO Stop, Dajia Dist. in Taichung City (5 p.m.)
*at this stop, warm food and soup is provided
*rest time: 1 hour
●3rd Stop: Mailiao Township in Yunlin County (9 p.m.)
*new year countdown and celebration close to midnight
●4th Stop: Tainan (January 1st, 3 a.m.)
●5th Stop: Donggang Township in Pingtung County (7 a.m.)
●6th Stop: Checheng township in Pingtung County
●Finishing and the Final Point-earning Stop: Eluanbi Lighthouse in Pingtung County (10 a.m.)
The above arriving times are estimated, all contestants must ride according to race rules and regulations, and finish within the given time in a just, fair and transparent way. If contestants fail to arrive the finishing stop within 24 hours, the General Assembly will still award the contestants with finishing certificates.

Closing Date for Entries:October 10th 2016 (Monday)
Registration Fee:NT$ 3,400
  Registration gift:
1. One of world’s bests-the TEKTRO brake clipping tackle, especially made for the twin tower race (market list price: NT$3,500).
2. Memorial t-shirt (market list price: NT$800).
3. Race-finishing certificate.
4. Customized Disk Brake Medal (market list price: NT$500).
5. The best Innova highway tires (market list price: NT$2,500 for 2).
  Application Requirements:
1. Biking enthusiasts across the world with healthy body and mind, full of physical strength, great sportsmanship, identifying with the activity purposes, and will absolutely comply with rules and regulations of the race.
2. For group relay race of 5 members, each member has to pedal for 100 km. Group registration is acceptable for a team with more than 5 members; contestants of individual registration must agree to be designated to certain teams by the General Assembly, and also need to make payments to the escorting car, and provide individual proof of insurance as well as the proof of health declaration by hospitals (see registration brochure for detail).
3. Please bring your own supply vehicles, providing the License plate number and the name of the driver. Contestants without lighting devices will be disqualified. Please prepare your own food, water, health supplements, inner and outer tires, and fix kit. Please make your own accommodation reservations, and abide by all arrangements and regulations by the General Assembly.
4. Participating Teams must be equipped with the ability to deal with any problems of their own team members, which includes personal issues, bike malfunction, etc.
Challenge itinerary:
1. Contestants must use the Innova brand tires on their bikes.
2. Individual contestants must finish the twin tower endurance race within 24 hours whether rain or shine. Contestants must comply with judgments by the judges, the designated route, and the temporary resting spot (in which contestants will be together take a short rest and continue the race after roll call).

Fugueijiao Lighthouse→Maplewood Bridge→turn right at the Damshui- Jinguashi highway (Provincial Highway 2) →Guandu Bridge→Longmi Rd., Bali Dist., New Taipei City(Provincial Highway 15)→Longfeng fish Harbor at Zhunan (1st gate closing point)→joint route of Provincial Highway 15 and 61→continue Provincial Highway 61, turn at Provincial Highway 1 →MOSSO company in Dajia Dist., Taichung City(continue Provincial Highway 1,  turn at Provincial Highway 17)→Paris Motel at Mailiao Township in Yunlin County→Beimen Dist. in Tainan(Provincial Highway 17)→pedal along Provincial Highway 17→Xiaogang Dist., Kaohsiung(Provincial Highway 17)→Donggang Township in Pingtung County(along Provincial Highway 17) →Fangliao Township in Pingtung County(continue Provincial Highway 17, continuing Provincial Highway 1)→go straight on Ping'e Highway(continue Provincial Highway 1, continuing Provincial Highway 26)
Provincial Highway 26→Checheng township→Kending→Eluanbi Lighthouse in Pingtung County (finishing point)

The total route distance is 520 km.
Rules and Regulations:
1. Abide by the national traffic rules. Riding through red light is prohibited; violators will be added 1 hour on the race finishing time or be disqualified.
2. Contestants without lighting devices will be disqualified. Top 6 contestants will be doping tested, cheaters will be make publish and will be fined NT $30,000.
3. Contestants who act against sportsmanship repeatedly will be disqualified. When contestants fail to arrive at the checking stop before gate closing time, and whose physical/mental condition is examined to be abnormal by the health care staff, the head referee has the authority to terminate the race of the contestants
4. In neutral zone, competitors have to stay behind the lead vehicles, no overtaking the lead vehicles. For example: the west coastal highway or other dangerous downhill sections. In case of traffic, natural disaster, heavy rain, the General Assembly has the right to suspend or postpone the race after discussion with team leaders and referees.
5. During all timing period from the starting point to the finishing point, supplying cannot be conducted when the team is in cycling condition. Supplying can be conducted behind the group while the team stops at the red light.
6. When participating teams need to make objections, they must extend proof and objection in written form, and hand in earnest money of NT$3,000. Once the objection is judged to be sustained by the referee group, the earnest money will be returned, otherwise it will be confiscated. If contestants act impolitely during the awarding ceremony, the General Assembly has the right to disqualify them. All related personnel and contestants can take pictures and report violations of other contestants.
7. At each stop, pictures and videos will be taken to manually distinguish the top 6 arrivers. Departure will be taken when roll call is done after 30 or 50 minutes after the first arriver enter the point earning stop. Contestants that are eliminated can gather together and continue their ride guided by the referee of group2 and group3, and need to be responsible for their own safety.
  Total award money is NT$220,000(before tax). Finishers will be certificated.
●Men’s Group
First Prize: NT$100,000. Second Prize: NT$30,000.      Third Prize: NT$10,000.
Fourth Prize: NT$4,000. Fifth Prize: NT$3,500.            Sixth Prize: NT$1,500.
※If numbers of participators are less than 300 people, the above award money will be halved.
●Women’s Group
First Prize: NT$50,000.   Second Prize: NT$10,000.      Third Prize: NT$4,000.
Fourth Prize: NT$3,000. Fifth Prize: NT$2,500.            Sixth Prize: NT$1,500.
※If numbers of participators are less than 100 people, the above award money will be halved.
●Original Prize
Top 3 winners of the group relay race will be awarded prizes (tax will be deducted according to regulations).
●Rules of Points-earning Stops
First arriver: 24 points.    Second arriver: 12 points.       Third arriver: 9 points.
Fourth arriver: 5 points.  Fifth arriver: 3 points.     Sixth arriver: 1 point.
If final points are the same for two, the points earned at the final stop will be checked to determine the winner.
8. Contestants that finish the race within designated time will be awarded prizes additionally. If due to unpredictable reasons, all contestants do not finish the race within 24 hours, the award money as well as the prizes will be retained and postponed.
Registration Place:contact in person at the Taiwan Endurance Bike Association
  Address: No.1296, Bagua Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County
Tel: +886-49-2292472, +886-923398377               Email: bike48tw@gmail.com
Facebook: 2016MOSSO’TEKTRO盃國際單車雙塔24H極限挑戰賽
E-Better Registration Website: 2017MOSSO’TEKTRO盃國際單車雙塔24H極限挑戰賽
Closing Date for Entries:October 10th 2016 (Monday)
Whistle Witness:Distinguished guest will be invited to give greetings and blow the whistle.
  Whole Challenge Witness:lawyer Liou, Guang-Yao
  Special statement:
  ※※※ The Association is only responsible for maintaining the justice and safety finishing of the race, not responsible for any legal problems. If any dispute, the jurisdiction court will be Nantou District Court.
  General Assembly Service
  The General Assembly offers one tourist car(carrying people) and one truck(carrying bikes) for contestants who terminate their challenges. The vehicles will only drive to the nearest station (may be for free, or fees will be charged according to the situation).
  All contestants must insure covering adequate and effective personal, life, and accident risks by themselves, and agree to offer the insurance number so they can register. The General Assembly shall not be liable for making indemnity for personal injury or damage to property directly caused due to the challenge, so please consider it before registration.
  General personal and travel insurance will not cover related risks during challenge, please be cautious while buying the insurance.
  Insurance Recommended: No Worry Bike Challenge Insurance
1. Personal and life insurance covering general and race accidents.
2. Cycling third party liability insurance covering accidents causing damage to other people’s property.
3. Bike accident insurance covering the damage of property caused by collision with other bike, motorcycle, or vehicle.
Insurance feature: the insurance covers both contestants and their bikes, and can be applicable in other races within one year effective period.
Agent of South China Insurance Co., ltd.: Mr. Cheng; tel: +886-2-29223308; +886-932039089
For content of the insurance, please check out the Bike Challenge Insurance page.