Tour of East Taiwan 365 km Challenge - 線上報名
Activity: Tour of East Taiwan 365 km Challenge
Date: Apr. 21st ~22nd, 2018 (Sat. ~ Sun.)
Register time: 2018-02-08 12:00:00 ~ 2018-03-12 23:59:59
Event: 365 km Challenge Entry Fee: 2,500 Limit: Up to the Race
Entry Fee Covered: Event shirt, Event booklet, Finisher medal, Online finisher certificate, Lunch, Timing chip and number patch, Feeding, Basic insurance, Luggage transportation and Recovery vehicle service.

-- Rules and Regulations --
  • Riders are only permitted to ride bike with full breaking system. The bicycle must be mounted with front and rear lighting for illumination when passing tunnels.
  • Riders must wear cycling jersey and helmet anytime during riding.
  • Please make sure that your bike is properly maintained prior to the event and remember to bring your personal bicycle repairs or spare parts.
  • Riders with no event identification materials will be ruled out from the event.
  • Riders must ride on the right side of road and follow traffic rules. Riding on the wrong direction/lane (left side) is prohibited.
  • There will be feeding stations every 25~45kms along the route. Riders should slow down and ride aside of the road to approach the feeding zone to take supply.
  • Luggage claim:
    Apr. 21st – You will receive your luggage at 3F- Building C of Goya Hot Springs Hotel & Spa Chiben TaiTung.
    Apr. 22nd – You will receive your luggage at 1F at Astar Hotel HuaLien.
    Please make sure each piece of your luggage has a clear and easy-to-read luggage tag for identifying your luggage.
    Please hand over your luggage on the organizer’s luggage transportation truck in time before you start the riding.
    We recommend you to bring just one luggage which you can carry on.
  • The rider insurance of this event is Public Liability Insurance, in which any personal health problem during the event or any riding injury caused by personal health problem will not be included in this insurance. Riders are recommended to buy personal health and medical care insurance.
  • Participants will be covered with the Travel Insurance and the Public Liability Insurance. The Public Liability Insurance covers the accident only that Organizer is responsible for. Participants should evaluate his/her own safety regarding personal healthy condition when deciding whether participating this event. Participants should apply other personal insurance policy at his/her own cost when considering aforementioned insurance is insufficient. Please refer to Insurance Policy Website for the coverage details of the Travel Insurance and the Public Liability Insurance. Organizer is only responsible for the indemnity amount with the maximum payment of claims per person as the insurance policies offers. Do not register the event if you do not agree with the coverage, items, indemnity amount of insurance policy.
  • 10. According to the Insurance Law, riders under 15 years old would not be compensated with death indemnity under Life or Injury Insurance policy.
  • For the medical insurance needs, any hospital medical treat caused by event accident, please keep all receipt and diagnosis certificate (issued by doctor) and gives to Taiwan Cyclist Federation for insurance payment application needs.
  • This event is a hard challenge. Riders who has hypertension, cardiopathy, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, epileptoid, are not properly to join this challenge.
  • Organizer has the right to stop riders go on riding depends on rider's health condition.
  • Riders with time chip installed must pass the time recording zone at the Start Point for official time records.
  • Depending on the weather or inevitable natural disaster, organizer has the right to do the emergent decision of the event, including stopping or cancellation of the challenge, in terms of safety concern.
  • As cycling is an environmental friendly activity, riders shall not dispose any rubbish throughout the route and event area.
  • Organizer has the right to use the report and images of the event for promotion purpose.
  • Please keep an eye on event information update announced on the T.C.F. website: & Facebook fans page: