2018LFR泡泡要淹沒台灣囉!(台南場) - 關於泡泡跑

Are you living a boring bubble now?  Do you feel that life is tedious now? As the pace of life is becoming faster and faster and the competitions in the workplace is also getting more and more intense, are you preoccupied with your personal gains and losses? Do you feel resentful and cranky or get stuck in anxious mood all day?

Happy memories in your childhood!
Do you still remember what your childhood was like?  With good friends and toys, you were happy every day without any worries. At that time life was full of laughter, passion and vitality and you didn’t need to worry about getting wet or dirty. Because playing was our natural instinct.

LoveFoamRun will be held in Taiwan!
Famous American “Love Foam Run” will be held in Taiwan. This is hands down the most interactive and exciting fun run you can do!
People of all ages and nature get to enjoy the foam bubble zones. Come to join us and experience screaming and laughter along the bubble foam zones.

There is nothing can be more fun than Love Foam run. Join the run and keep you away from busy life. Enjoy the fun on the bubble dancing floor and all the pressure will disappear.

Love Foam Run! Your life is different!
No matter who you are, you can find your own path in Love Foam Run. What are you waiting for? Join us and have fun in bubbles.
We guarantee everyone will have an unforgettable memory. Once you participant in this event, you will realize your life is no long the same.