2018 LFR泡泡要淹沒台灣囉!(高雄場) - 泡泡報到及交通資訊
七、 報到辦法(選手參賽物品領取)Check in: 
  本活動均採郵寄報到。All by mailing: This event only adopts postal mailing for check-in.
  郵寄費用如下Postage fees:
人數(The number of people) 1人 2-4人 5-10人 11-20人 21-30人 31人以上
費用(Fees (NT$)) 100元 300元 500元 800元 1000元 1500元
  話: (0936) 489-310 
  Delivery Time: 
All the materials for this event will be delivered one week before the activity. Please be sure to fill in the correct mailing address so that the package can be delivered correctly.
Please pay attention to the delivery of the package. If you have not received the materials one week before the event, please contact the organizer as soon as possible.
If the participant is unable to attend the competition due to the failure of the package delivery based on the incomplete mailing address or no sign for the package, the organizer will not send another make up package. 
Contact telephone number: 0936-489310
八、 交通資訊 Traffic  Information
九、 衣物保管
  主辦單位將於活動當天 07:30 起,接受衣物保管,如需寄物之參賽者請盡早完成寄物,以免延誤出發時間,賽後請於 11:30 前憑號碼布領取保管物品。
  Personal belongings / clothing stored
Participants’ personal belongings will be stored/collected from
07:30 on the event day (please pay attention to the schedule of the
event). Participants should arrive as early as possible to store
personal belongings in order not to cause the any delay to the
competition. Please show your number bib to receive your personal
belongings before 11:30 on the event day.

Please don't leave your valuables unattended. The event organizer
is not responsible for the loss of any personal items.
十、 公共意外險
  泡泡跑 創辦的宗旨,就是希望能創造一個帶給人們健康、快樂和創造個性化的空間。請各位視當天健康狀況量力而為,並請於活動前一日做充足的睡眠及當日跑步前 2 個小時用完早餐。主辦單位對於現場只做必要緊急醫療救護,對於本身疾患引起之病症不在承保範圍內,而公共意外險只承保因意外所受之傷害做理賠。主辦單位為本次活動針對參加者投保之公共意外險。(所有細節依投保公司之保險契約為準)
個人疾病導致運動傷害。 因個人體質或因自身心血管所致之症狀,例如休克、心臟症、糖尿病、熱衰竭、中暑、高山症、癲癇、脫水等。對於因本身疾患所引起之病症將不在保險範圍內,而公共意外險只承擔因外來意外所受之傷害理賠。
   高血壓(>140/90mmHg) 高血脂(總膽固>240mg/Dl)
   家族心臟病史(一等親在 60 歲前發生心臟病或猝死)
  Note for public accidental liability insurance
The purpose of Bubble run is to create a personal space in order to bring people health and happiness. On the event day, please take your healthy condition into account when participating the competition. Please get enough sleep the night before the competition and have breakfast at least two hours before the competition.
  Only necessary emergency medical care will be provided on site. All the participants will be insured public accident insurance (Insurance amount NT$ 3,000,000) for this activity. Diseases caused by personal illnesses will not be insured, and only injuries suffered from this activity accident are covered by public accident insurance compensation. (All details are in accordance with the insurance contract.)
  Public accident insurance coverage:
During the period of insurance, the insurant who causes harm, death or property damage to the third person due to the following accidents should be liable for the compensation. When the compensation is requested, the insurance company will accept the claim:
(1) the accidents caused by the insurant or employees due to running on the race route specified in this insurance policy
(2) the accidents happened to the insurant because of the buildings, passages, machines or other work on the race route
  Exclusion items:
  Sports injuries caused by personal illness
Symptoms as a result of personal health or cardiovascular symptoms, such as shock, heart disease, diabetes, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, high altitude syndrome, epilepsy and dehydration, etc.
For the disease caused by participants’ own illness will not be covered within the scope of insurance, and only injuries suffered from this activity accident are covered by public accident insurance compensation.
  Please consider your own fitness and health condition before taking part in the competition. Participants are recommended to purchase personal accident insurance if ever suffering from the diseases listed in item 2.
  1.If you have had the following diseases, you are probably at a high risk of Cardiac arrest. Please consult your doctor and do not push yourself too hard to participant the competition.
Unexplained chest discomfort (chest tightness, chest pain) loss of consciousness
Unexplained breathing difficulties Heart disease
Unexplained dizziness Abnormal renal function
Hypertension (> 140 / 90mmHg) Hyperlipidemia (total cholesterol> 240mg / Dl) diabetes  
heart disease on family history (heart disease or Cardiac arrest happened to first-degree family members before aged 60) epilepsy  
十一、 注意事項
For protecting participants’ rights, those who don’t wear Bubble Run commemorative T-shirts and number bibs are not allowed to participate the competition. Thanks for your cooperation.
Your safety is the priority. Those who are strongly suggested to stop the competition by doctors or the organizer should withdraw from the competition without any objections.
Please bring your ID card with you for the completion and future reference. After the payment is finished, if participants tend to give up the entry, please apply for refund (charge for processing fee $100) before the deadline. No refund will be made after the deadline.
  If the activity is adjusted or postponed temporarily due to the weather and other force majeure factors, relevant information will be announced at 12:00 pm on the day before the event.
Due to the postponement or cancellation caused by the weather or other relevant majeure factors for the competition, no refund will be made.
Upon your registry of the race, you ("Participant") acknowledge and agree that the Information including your photos and grades will be collected and used on activity propaganda by organizers. The video, photos and achievements of this activity will be broadcasted, displayed and registered on the website and publications.