2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival –Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Sun Moon Lake - Yushan Tataka Challenge - General Information

2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival –
Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday
Sun Moon Lake - Yushan Tataka Challenge

In 2017 the “Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday” will take riders out further of the Sun Moon Lake to the Tataka (in 2610m height) in Yushan the highest mountain of Taiwan.  This riding combined two of Taiwan iconic scenery area.  Riders will ride all the way from the most famous tourism scenic the Sun Moon Lake up to the highest mountain area Yushan Tataka in Taiwan.  The riding distance is about 80km and the route profile is continually uphill after the first 13km downhill which will lead riders experience an almost the top limit difficulty of a challenge ride.
Supervised by: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Communication and Transportation (MOTC)
Organized by: Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC
Executed by: Taiwan Cyclist Federation
Date: Nov. 11, 2017 / (Sat.)
Start Line: Sun Moon Lake Xiangshan Visitor Center
6. Schedule:
06:00 Rider check- in./ Entry stuffs pick-up.
06:30 Riding notice reminding and opening ceremony
07:00 Race starts (Timing Chip activates)
13:00 Finish line closed
7. Route: Xiangshan Visitor Center → No. 21 Highway → Toushe → Shueili → No. 21 Highway →Xinshan village → Xinyi → Tongfu → Wanggao Restaurant → Husband and Wife tree → Tataka visitor Center the Finish Line, about 80km, total height gain 2500m.
8. Feed Zone: First: Wanggao Restaurant at 51km.

Second: No.21 highway 132km Parking Lot at 66km

9. Eligibility: Riders over 15 years old, healthy, with long distance bike riding experience, willing to discover personal potential and challenge to finish the ride. Entry limit: 1200 riders.
Types of bicycle are not limited
1. M 20 group / male 15-24 years old (1993-2002)
2. M 25 group / male 25-29 years old (1988-1992)
3. M 30 group / male 30-34 years old (1983-1987)
4. M 35 group / male 35-39 years old (1978-1982)
5. M 40 group / male 40-44 years old (1973-1977)
6. M 45 group / male 45-49 years old (1968-1972)
.7. M 50 group / male 50 years old and above (from 1967)
8. W 20 group / female 15-29 (1988-2002)
9. W 30 group / female 30-39 (1978-1987)
10. W 40 group / female 40 years old and above (from 1974)
Entry fee:
600 NTD per person.  Entry fee cover the number information, meal ticket, lottery ticket, feed zone supply, finish medal, finish E-certificate, event T-shirt, souvenir cycling bottle and insurance fee.
Timing Chip Deposit: NT1000 per chip if lost.
1. Every entry: NT 1000, deposit at check-in before the race, and refund after the event.
13. Entry:
1. On-line entry only.   The entry website: www.cyclist.org.tw
2. Deadline: The entry will be closed on Sep. 30, 2017or closed when quota is full. The attendee list will be announced on Oct. 6th on TCF website.
3. Please copy the entry receipt information as the check in proof.
4. Entry information must be correctly provided to avoid unnecessary problems.
14. Award:
1. Riders finish riding within the time limit will be awarded with finish medal and certificate (down loaded on line).
2. Japanese timing system (J-Chip) is adapted in the event, the finish certificate will include rider’s own finishing time, and the certificate will be available for download at the on-line registry web-site.
15. Notice:
1. All riders should ride their own bicycle and wear proper cycling outfit and helmet
2. Conduct complete safety check on your bike to ensure best riding condition and safety.
3. This is NOT a competitive event and there will be NO traffic control. Please ride according to the traffic regulations for your own safety.
4. This is a midrange distance riding, it is better to ride road bike or mountain bike with smooth tire for riding efficiency.  Prepare your own inner tire and tool kit in case of puncture.
5. Group participation is highly suggested for sharing support and the joy of riding.
6. Should you experience any discomfort during the ride, please stop and rest immediately.
7. Riders should carry the health insurance card.  If injured during the event, please take medical care on the event day and keep the receipt and diagnosis for insurance claim.
8. Rider should consider personal health condition before registration.  People diagnosed with hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy and asthma are not suitable participants.
9. Participants will be covered with the Travel Insurance (Insured Amount: NTD 2 million per person) and the Public Liability Insurance (Insured Amount: NTD 5 million per person).  The Public Liability Insurance covers the accident only that Organizer is responsible for. Participants should evaluate own safety regarding personal healthy condition when deciding whether participating this event. Participants should apply other personal insurance policy at own cost when considering organizer offered insurance is insufficient. Please refer to Insurance Policy Webpage for the coverage detail of the Travel Insurance and the Public Liability Insurance (Please click here). Organizer is only responsible for the indemnity amount with the maximum of NTD 2 million and NTD 5 million per person as the insurance policies offers. Do not register the event if you do not agree with the coverage, items, indemnity amount of insurance policy.
10.  According to the Insurance Law, riders under 15 years old would not be compensated with death indemnity under Life or Injury Insurance policy.
11. All entry information offered by rider must be correct. Riders bear the consequences of incorrect information if any.
12. Organizer has the right to publish or share all videos, photos, race results related to this event on media, internet, gallery... etc.  Attendee and riders must recognize the right of Organizer to use all these material for promotion.  
13. Riders and participants should agree with the Organizer to terminate or pause the event in case of attendee and rider's health condition and route safety.
14. Riders and participants should agree with the Organizer to cancel, delay or change route and alternatives alike to proceed the event in case of natural disaster like typhoon or other unforeseen circumstances.
15. Following activities of Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Carnival series will be held at Xiangshan Visitor Center, please check event schedule.
16. Please keep our environment clean, do not litter. Bring your own dinning set.
17.  Any additional information, updates, alterations and new information will be made and posted on Event Website.  http://www.sunmoonlake.gov.tw/Activities/2017comebikeday/
18. Please continue to visit the Official Website and Facebook periodically for any additional information.
Contacts: Taiwan Cyclist Federation Tel: +886-2-8919-3595 ,Website: www.cyclist.org.tw

Event Website: http://www.sunmoonlake.gov.tw/Activities/2017comebikeday/