2018 SUPERACE 極地超級馬拉松-台灣站 - Pre-round Set up
SUPERACE is an extreme event that lasts three days. You must take all the essential items in your backpack that contains something to eat, drink, sleeping bag, clothes and so on during these three days. “The extreme event” means the extreme terrain. In the formal schedules, the route that the competitors passed is always the untracked terrain.
At first, we will see the table of equipment provided by the organizer, and before the race, the organizer will check the equipment. If it’s not enough, the organizer will request you to get well-prepared and then you can join the event. It is also forbidden to ask for food or buy the items during the event, it would be seen as the violation of the rules. SUPERACE is the event that asks you to finish the whole route by yourselves. To relieve the burdens, the weight and the volume of the equipments should be haggle over every penny.
The table of equipments required by the organizer: maybe slightly differences would occur in different stations
No. Personal equipment Required
1 Sleeping bag(0-15 degrees celcius) V
2 Mobile phone and backup batteries (signal is instability, not mandatory phone is switched) V
3 Headlights, warning lights and battery (the General Assembly mandatory provisions to carry items, headlights and warning lights need both carry) V
4 Water bottle or water bag at least two liters or more (cp station provide water and hot water can be brewed food) V
5 Food at least 2800 calories a day (volunteer's food is prepare by the General Assembly, only need to prepare snacks or non-staple food) V
6 Other non-staple food V
7 Watch (the General Assembly mandated to carry items, we recommend to use of GPS or electronic form) V
8 Jacket & Clothes for changing (Attention to the bugs there) V
9 Compass (volunteers don't need to prepare this article) V
10 Whistle (volunteers don't need to prepare this article) V
11 First Aid Kit & Personal Medicine (gauze, bandages and iodine disinfection) V
12 Number bib (volunteers don't need to prepare this article) V
13 Eating utensils V
14 Sunglasses Suggested
15 Sun care & talcum
16 Herbal insect repellent
17 Camping mat
18 Earplug
To make it easier to understand, I will distinguish all equipments into food, clothing, shelter and transportation, and will stress the key point.
Food plays an important role in SR event. Compared with the former racing event, all the food and drink will be provided by the organizer, however, in SR event, you should learn how to supply yourself by your own, and it is great helpful to your future training and travelling. In the preparing of food, it can be divided into two parts:
Movement energy cost
When in running, the blood is allocated to the muscle, and the blood volume in intestines and stomach will fall to the minimum level, so at that time, it’s better to take liquid diet or the food easy to absorb. For that, I prepared the high density and energy biscuit and Gel. In addition, instant powder mix is also the source energy, when you drink, it can also supply energy. Candy, nut and dried pork will comfort your soul. Although it isn’t fit for supply, it stills the best placebo and also can remit the taste sense of the whole day. Eat some when rest at CP station and it can make you feel good.
Recover energy cost
After two days sleeping recovery, the campsite dinner should be give priority to carbohydrate and secondly on protein. For that, I prepared Xiangji Rice Meal, compared with other instant powder food in climbing mountain, it is cheaper. Rice is a good carbohydrate source, matches with dried pork and nuts, it is really a good recover meal. And the instant power mix BCAA is also the source of amino acid, it’s also helpful in recovering, so when reach the campsite, it’s better to drink one.
Macadamia nuts 50g 385   385  
Cashew nut 50g 252   252  
Nut 50g 342   342  
Dried pork 125g 390   390  
Candy 100g 390   390  
Chocolate powder 20g 88 2 pieces 176  
Ginger tea 10g 39 4 pieces 156  
Black coffee 5g 0 3 pieces 0  
BCAA 15g 45 5 pieces 225  
Electrolyte powder 13g 45 2 pieces 90  
Energy drinks 30g 102 4 pieces 408 In motion
Energy drinks 52g 203 2pieces 406 Recovered from motion
Rose salt 10g 0   0 Appropriate add in the drink
GEL 32g 100 14 pieces 1400  
Energy biscuit 30g 111 10 pieces 1110  
Xiangji Rice Meal 65g 248 7 pieces 1736  
Total 7466  
 The total calorie is 7466, and it has exceeded the minimum 6000 asked by the organizer. As a girl, you may not to take so much; however, a boy may choose a moderate amount.
The total weight of all the food is up to 2213 gram, and it should be controlled in appropriate weight, the weight of the whole bag (exclusive water) should be limited in 7 gram. The food preparing secret is all the food should be the one you have eaten, and should avoid the food you never eat at the event day in order not to happen gastrointestinal discomfort and give up the event.
The selection of wearing should give priority to the close-fitting, perspire, antibiosis, warm and quick-drying material, and take the ways of onion types. At the same time, it is forbidden to choose the unused clothes for a long time in order not to occur some unimaginable problems, such as hurt the skin.
In addition the suit you wear, it is better to prepare one another suit that includes jacket, pants, socks and quick-dry towel, and it should be packed in plastic bags and ensured not to be affected with damp. It is very important to keep the clothes dry, and it can help to save your life. The jacket I choose Brooks long sleeves tights and match with condense shorts.
2 nights will be spent in the event and a good sleep can help you to restore your energy. The organizer will set up the tents on the campsite, so the competitors needn’t to prepare the tent. Sleeping bag, probably, is the largest in all your equipment and a smaller one may make the competition easier.
According to the temperature of TAIWAN, the temperature of the sleeping bag should be limited in 10-15 centigrade. For me, due to the low cost, I choose the one with the material of hollow fiber. It can be compressed to the size of a tin of milk powder by the design of compressing the out bag, and it’s easy to carry and can be put into the backpack. The tents in the campsite only have simple lining cloth, so a good mattress is essential if you want to sleep well. For a better sleep, carry a more 335 gram simple and easy aerated mattress is really worthwhile.
Without an appropriate backpack to pack all the equipments, you will be difficult to move a step. For the current SR event, I plan to use the RaidLight Ultralight Olmo 12L professional competition cross-country running backpack made in France, matched a 750ml water bottle with 2 straws, and the whole weight of the backpack only has 550 gram, but its volume is huge,
Though the volume is 12L, the actual volume is larger than the normal backpack. The reason why I choose this type is the front of the backpack has two water bottle s, thus the weight of the back is about 5-7 kilogram, which can balance the weight. Without the front appropriate weight, the cost of the back muscle will increase, and as a result, it will affect the economical efficiency when running. The hydro-cone type water bottle will help you save the time and energy when drinking on the road. At this event, my 12L backpack was filled with items, and later I wanted to change a larger one, however, thought of I would consume some of the items, finally I chose the volume of 12L.
For the headlamp, at this event, I chose an unknown one named LED LENSER NEO made in Germany, it can provide wide light type of 16:9, and the weight of the headlamp without battery is 54 gram with back-phone battery box. Just like the backpack, balance weight is very important, if the battery box is installed in the front, the light will not stable when running. Super wide lighting patterns, the back phone battery box with function of caution light and IPAX4 waterproof function, it is reall a good choice. And the material of head band is really comfortable without any roughness.
The compass that used to distinguish the directions, I chose the Suunto Ambit3 Sport watch, in which the inside is installed compass and navigation. I input the routes provided by the organizer into my watch before the event, if necessary, I would open the navigation. At my first time to participate SR, I lost my way at Dapeng station twice, and wasted some time. If with out this kind of watch, I suggest to choose “Dizheng compass” that also can be used in cross-country orienteering later.
To carry around a Schweizer Messer and scissors (multi-purpose) is really helpful when you are in trouble.
Blister kit should include alcohol swab, compression bandage and a new needle. The needle can help you to deal with the problem of blister, and the small blister without appropriate treat will be more serious. Of course, it is important to avoid the occurring of the blister than to deal with it. The competitors who are lack of the experiences should take some time to study before the event.
The multipurpose cable ties and adhesive bandage are essential whether you go out for running, riding or iron man three items. At last, don’t forget to bring a pen, and it can help you to write in the bandage. After the event, I think maybe you need an autograph from the famous SP idol-Linyi Jie.
Finally, thanks to the famous sports journalist the legendary swordsman (Xiaoao Jianghu), who participated in the third SUPERACE TAIWAN event and gave a detailed analysis on the equipments. And, his wife was the champion of the third SR, 134 kilometers of women’s group.